Use the home tool for cleaning the scratch of Smartphone screen

Scratch embark on the screen of the Smartphone is easy. Some time keeping on pocket sometime by falling and some other reasons phone screen or cover get scratch. So if you want to remove the scratch the some tricks are there. Today we are talking about some home tools that can remove scratch on your phone cover and screen.
NOTE: If there is a little scratch then this tricks will work but if it is crack then nothing will be happen.

1. Use of toothpaste
If there is scratch on the screen or cover of your Smartphone you feel bad. In such case you don’t have to change the screen cover or the cover you just can use toothpaste. TO do this the user must put some toothpaste on the screen of the Smartphone and clear it with soft clothes. After this the small or light scratch will disappear.

2. Baking powder
User can also use baking powder to remove the scratch of the screen of Smartphone. For this mix baking powder to water and make thick paste. And use the paste on the screen with the clean and soft pieces of clothes and rub it in the scratch place. Do the activities for some time and repeat it twice or thrice then the screen will look clean.

3. Use of oil
You also can use vegetable oil for clearing the scratch of the screen. For this you have to rub the one drop of oil just like you do for toothpaste. Remember the oil must not be more otherwise it look oily and the oil must not enter inside the screen in any cost.
NOTE: If your phone is touch screen and there is oleo phobic coating then don’t try it.

4. Vaseline
TO remove the scratch another method is use of Vaseline. This must be used same as the toothpaste. Don’t rub the Vaseline more in the screen otherwise it may go inside the screen.
NOTE: If your phone is touch screen and there is oleo phobic coating then don’t try it.

5. Pencil eraser
IF the scratch of your screen is light and you want to remove it then use pencil eraser. For this wet the pieces of cotton clothes and cover it by the pieces of the clothes and when the screen get dry use the pencil eraser lightly. Remember the eraser must be clean.

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