Amazing 8 Apps in play store

Google play store is full of useful apps. But there is no any shortage of peculiar and useless apps. Here we are talking about some apps available in play store.

 1.  Fake Call

- With the help of these apps you can make fake calls and message on your phone.
- To make the call as original you even can pre-record your voice and play at the time of fake call.
- You can set the time when you want to make a fake call.
- For this you must have more than 2.3 android OS is needed.

2. Pointless Button 
- This app just like its name it’s Pointless.
- This is on-screen bottom that you press into your Smartphone.
- After tapping the button several times a picture will appear.
- After a while you tap on it to see what will be the next picture.
- The app will need more than 3.0 Android versions.

3. Sleep Sheep
- If you cannot sleep properly, this app can help you.
For this you have to download this app and set the time of 10 mins on screen after this Run the Sleep Sheep apps and count the sheep until you won’t feel asleep.
- By downloading the app, you have to set the time on the screen, followed by 10 minutes Sleep Sheep app to run while you sleep and count the ships to come.
- To download the app to your phone must have Android OS 2.3 or more.

4. Kitchen Scale 
- According name of the app we think that it will work to tell the weight of kitchen accessories.
- It’s not like that it just guess the quantity of salt, sugar, flour, rice etc.
- This apps contain circle of white colour which help the app to guess the quantity.
- This app can’t be said to reliable and useful.

5. Fake Battery 
- Fake Battery app indicates the percentage of battery on your phone screen.
-If you don’t want to give your phone to your friends and searching some idea to do so then this app will be helpful for you.
- More than Android version 1.6 operating system only can run this app.

6. Pimple Popper
- This is a game app.
- This game contains many Pimples which should be crush to Squeeze.
 You may have not seen the funniest and disgusting   game like this ever

7. iBeer FREE
- This app gives you feeling like drinking beer.
- This app gives you the feeling of beer in glass after that if u take your mobile near to your mouth ant tilt it , it will give you a feeling of drinking beer..
- If you would like to use this app in your phone's Android OS has to be more than 2.3.

8. I Am Rich 
- This is a game app that tells you how rich you are.
- There are 8 levels by crossing all the levels you can be the world’s richest person.
- For it you have to spend your time or money or both.
- To play the game in your phone's Android OS has to be more than 3.0.

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