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Everyone would love their gadgets. But when it comes to cleaning power, these things may seem very Difficult. Computer, smartphone, headphones and other gadgets are common in the dust solidify or dirty.
Some gadgets to clean paper or cloth wipe and spray the cleaner on offer. But remember to do so, can also damage the device.
So here are some house tools useful to clean gadgets.

1. Toothbrush
For cleaning Earphone you can use a toothbrush. Dust and dirt stuck in the Earphone Speaker can be removed easily with the help of brush . Mind while cleaning your toothbrush must be completely dry. It gradually became clear they would turn on bands.

2. cotton lint and alcohol
To clean the surface of the plastic earphone cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean it. If your earphone is made of silicon from the dishwashing liquid and water clean.

3. Inter-dental brushes

Inter-dental brush is the best tool to clean Smartphone or other gadget headphone jack.

4. Makeup Brush
using Soft makeup brush, computer and laptop keyboard can be cleaned easily.

5. Stick Notes
To remove dust from the keyboard stick notes can be used . The removal of dust from the keyboard is quite effective way. Dirt or dust mites stuck in gum of stick notes.

6. Earbuds
laptop can be easily cleaned with cotton-board engaged in Earbuds . To clean the dust collected in keyboard dust some alcohol in the cotten of earbuds and roll on the surface of key board

7. Lint-Roller
Outdoor speakers are always lined with washed appear. Their cleaning is extremely easy. Use the lint roller.

8.Short paint brush
To clean the speaker of smartphone or laptop use the Short paint brush.

9. Coffee Filters
Coffee filter to clean the screen of the TV is the best option.

10. Home Made Cleaners
In the market we find many screen cleaner or wiper. But you can make at home even cleaner liquid.
For this mix Supra vinegar (fermentation) or rubbing alcohol with equal amount of water.

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