Useful software for new computer and laptop

Noways days Many high tech software are coming in market. But that does not necessarily to use all of these software for us.

However, most of users don't know what software must installed after the purchase of new computer of laptop.
If more software installed your system will hang and you will not get the perfect performance.

Today we are going to tell you what software need to installed on a PC/ Laptop. These software are the needs of each user and can be easily operated.

1. Antivirus
If you have just purchase a new laptop or you have a old laptop/PC you need to install Antivirus. There are so many virus in the market and they can easy transfer to your computer/Laptop via USB(pen drive), memory card, and via internet by using data transfer from one to another computer . There are so many Antivirus available free on the internet or you can buy an antivirus. Most antivirus comes with a year of subscription.

2. Media Player

There must be a software on a system for entertainment. You need that ind of media player which can play almost all type of audio video.
VLC media player is one of the best player for Computer/Laptop which can play almost all type of audio and video.

3. Internet Browser (Firefox and Google Chrome)
Many user used internet in their computer or in laptop.For this mozilla firefox and google chrome are the important web browser for the computer.This browser is also useful in searching and Downloading files from internet. All these browse can be downloaded from internet for free. These browser also provide free update facility.

4.Microsoft Office ( MS Office)
Everyone needs Microsoft office. This software has Word, Excel, Power point and other important application. These application are needed in many times in  our daily life. To make presentation for office ,school and college or to write letter or job application , every time it is very useful.

5.Adobe Reader
This is very useful software for computer or Laptop. To read  e-books or to open online or offline PDF file we need this application( Adobe Reader).

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