Remove virus from Android Mobile or Tablet

Users using the smartphone with Android Operating System (OS) are all over the world . However, many users tend to use Android tablet. Android is an open OS, which can be virus attacks from anywhere . The virus can corrupt data on your smartphone or tablet can damage . However, if you feel that your device has the virus, then it can easily be removed.

We are providing Some of the easy steps attached with Android system are which can easily remove virus.

Step No. 1
Reboot smartphone into Safe Mode
First reboot your smartphone or tablet to in safe mode.By doing so the third party apps which is running virus will directly closed . If your smartphone does not have an option to reboot in safe mode, then press the power button for a while. To do this, reboot (Reboot) is an option. Reboot the phone by selecting Reboot.

Step Number -2
Device Settings
When Smartphone or tablet restart at first open the option of apps on device setting . It will be seen all the apps installed in your smartphone / tablet . At this time non of the application are in running mode. Here you will see the virus also runs.

Step No. 3
Device Administrator
Go to the device administrator settings. Here you will only see a complete list of applications installed in the administrator status. So the app is not your job to make him Anstol. The window on the screen, you must select the option to deactivate.

Step No. 4
Install the app Maliss
Find a wire to the list when you're finished, click the first Anstol. For example, in the photo above looks Dodgy Android virus. Please remove it by clicking directly on Anstol. However, sometimes the virus is not an option here to Anstol. So the device will go on administrator settings.

Step No.5
Restart in normal mode
When you remove non-essential or the Unwanted app, smartphone or tablet and restart in normal mode again. Doing so, your device will come out of safe mode and the virus will be gone.

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