Recover accidentally Deleted Photos from phone or memory card

Sometimes accidentally photos saved in the phone may delete. While, at sometime virus may delete the photo. Now the user does not have to be bothered, because deleted photos can be recovered easily. Users will need just software which can be downloaded with the help of the Internet.

Photo location: phone memory or memory card

First of all the users should know the photo delete was in phone memory or in memory card. The user can know the detail from photo saving location. The camera, Bluetooth, or the photos have been taken from other app is the saving location.
Do not use the phone memory:
If the photo is saving in phone memory don't click the photo. Because operating system will hide the deleted photo and new photo will be replaced in that placed.     
Note: After deleting the photo from memory card the photo will be hide .In this case back up of the can be recover. But if the user format the card it's too hard to recover.
Recovery Software:
To recover your deleted photo you need additional photo recovery software. For this you need Asoftech Photo Recovery software.
Software Download:
User can download Asoftech Photo Recovery software from the website First, download the software and install it. Then, connect the phone's memory card with the help of the card reader to the computer. The software FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS file system works. Therefore, any version of your operating system, whether Windows, these works smoothly.
Auto Scanning Start:
If the recovery is not of memory card but of phone memory then connect the phone with the computer by the help of USB cable. When it connect with the computer it will display in computer with the name G or H. Now run Asoftech Photo Recovery. After starting the programmer select the phone or memory card in computer. Now the auto scanning will held.

The software will scan the phone or memory card completely, then it will show the user a list of the deleted photos. The list will appear in the file name and size. The photos that the users have to recover them by selecting the 'Recover' option might click on. Recovery of deleted photos will begin. All photos will be saved to the phone or memory card.

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