Save Internet data on android Powered Smartphone

We all who have Smartphone, are facing the the problem of consuming more data while we don't use internet much. If we use the correct setting on our mobile then we can save more data (money too). All Smartphone(Android OS) have the option for it. if we use these setting we can save data easily.

1. Restrict Background data
Although, The Smartphone is on Standby mode, most of application will use internet data. Most of all android Smartphone have Restrict Background data option. By keeping this option on you can save more data.

2. Don't clear the Cache
Most of the user will confuse about the clearing cache. By clearing cache device internal memory will increase but if you want to save the data then don't clear the cache. if you clear the cache Whenever you open a website or an app that some things need to download it again and more data needed. There are Task Manager and some cleaning applications provide clear cache. In this app browser 'Exclude' list can be placed.

3. Use mobile version of website.
Every time when you open Website it will download some photos or texts. if you choose desktop version of website it will consume more data.

4. Choose the right browser and app
There are many browser available for android but you have to choose that browser which can compress website. Just like Google Chrome or Opera Mini. using the Chrome you can save 35-40% percent of your data consumption.
Chrome compress webpages, is now known as Data Saver in the settings, it enables all web pages to be compressed before loaded into your browser.

5. Use Facebook lite for Facebook
If you use facebook most of the time then use facebook lite which will  compress the photo and reduce the data charge.

6.Don't keep Data ON at night(Bed time)
If you don't have essential work then turn off the data when you are sleeping.

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