How to Clear Search History On Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. Perhaps everyone would know about the search option. If you search anything on Facebook, search history is saved. 

Facebook Search history help you to do anything further, but if you want a that facebook contain just little information about you you even can delete the search history. Now we are going to provide you some easy steps to delete the facebook search history.

Step 1 Login in Facebook.

Step 2 After login click on the down arrow appears at the top of right corner. Then click on the Activity log in the box appears after clicking on down arrow.

Step 3   Activity log Menu-
After that you will see the MORE option in the left side .Click on the MORE option. Click on search menu which will appear after you click on MORE option.

Step 4 searches History

In this step you will see the entire search on Facebook. Click on the block bottom appeare on the right side of the page. Then drop down menu will delete option.

If you want to delete the entire history click on clear search appears there.

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