Hide Files on windows for better privacy

We can unhide the hidden folder easily in the computer due to which we privacy cannot be made. The important file and folder can be make invisible to make privacy. The invisible folder cannot be made unhide because it is in the visible mood. So we are going to tell you how to make the folder invisible.
Step 1:
At first creat the new folder in which you want to keep your document.We had made a new folder naming “NEW FOLDER” for using this trick. If you want to make some other folder invisible then also follow the same trick.
To make a new folder:
Right click on the open space of desktop.
Click on new
Click on folder
Step 2:
TO hide the folder icon
Select the old or the new folder that you want to make invisible. To do so the folder icon should be make invisible
For this
Right click on the folder and click on properties
Click on the “customize”
Click on “change icon”
One window will be open Choose blank space on the window.
Click on OK and the folder icon will be invisible.
Step 3
To hide the folder name
After making the folder icon invisible now its time to make the name invisible.
For this
Right click on the folder.
Choose the rename option.
Press ALT+0160 and press enter.
Press this using numeric keypad
This is for window XP, 7, 8 operating system.

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