Delete the important data inadvertently; you can recover from these 8 steps

There are many users who use the computer and the laptop. Many users have save many important data in your system. The necessary data of the office files, PPT, Documents, audio, video or other data may also be. Users often delete important data becoming unconsciously.
Due to which many problems will arise there for the user. In this case the user whoever have delete the data should not be worried because we are going to tell you some of the easy steps which will help you to recover the deleted data

Step No. 1:
Attach the hard disk to the computer from which data must is to recover. USB driver can be attached directly.

Step No. 2:
Download the recovery software “Recovery My File” and install it. Don’t install the software in the driver which data is to be recovered. The software can be found easily in Google. You even can get the software here. Click here to download the software

Step No. 3:
After installing the File Recovery Software you can recover the data. There are four general options for it. The first two options are to search the file, in which the user must not work. The other two options are to Recovery, in which you have to choose “Complete Format Recover”.

Number: 4
Information comes to the next box, select Physical drive. The program gives you the physical drive, several options. These options appear in the hard disk partition. Logical drive versions are shown with their normal name. After selecting the drive, click next.

Step No. 5
The next window asks users, about those files whose recovery is necessary. The image, audio, video, any software or other files are shown there. Select these files carefully. If you cannot remember important files, you can select all.

Step Number: 6
Subsequently, the file selected by users is searched. 50GB file to scan it could take an hour. However, USB drive scanning takes longer. It also depends on how many files that users have selected.

Step Number: 7
After scanning is complete, users see a complete list of the recovery files. However, many files appare with the new name and you will be not able to see the old name. You can also see a preview of the any file on the bottom of software. Then click on the file that you want to save.

Step Number: 8
To save the file, click the Next button. Recovery of your files will start. During recovery don’t start any other work on the software. When the recovery of the file you selected will be completed close the software.

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