If you are suffering from hair fall in rainy season then use these home remedies

Sometimes hair loss is normal, you would say, but too much of daily hair loss is not good. Imagine if your hair fall similar, in some years, what will be their? Do you have the feeling that we're scaring you? No, this is the truth if you don’t pay attention in time it may turn to large problem in future. Anyway in rainy season more hair fall occur than other season. If you are bothered by hair loss, so we're going to tell you some special tips of onion which are the panacea to this problem.

Why onion
Onion prevents hair fall, because it contains more sulfur. That is why applying onion juice on the hair found in the sulfur circulation increases. And Also, helps to builds up the hair.

1. How to use
Grind the onion, in the mixer and add a little water into the mixer. Sieve the juice then apply to hair with your finger tip. Leave it on for thirty minutes. Then wash the hair with a good shampoo. Do these work three times a week.

2. Mixed onion juice with honey
Mix one-quarter cup onion juice and a little honey. The apply this mixture into the hair roots. Hair fall problem will end.

3. Can use it this way also
Put a piece of onion into a glass filled with rum. Leave it kept overnight. The other day Sieve rum. Onion pieces will be different. Then massage the hair with the rum. Do this Twice a week to stop hair fall.

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