A Young Nepali boy killed in human sacrifice ritual (With Video)

A Nepali man has confessed that he had killed a young boy after advice local holy man to sacrifice a human for his healing.

The 10 year old Jiban Kohar was found on 24th july on the outskirts of Kudiya village in southwest Nepal. He was missing from 20th july.

According to police Kodai Harijan admitted committing the gruesome crime after consulting the priest. Still now in some cultures, priests are believed to have spiritual or magical powers to cure the sick People.

According to the police Harijan( Father of Sick Boy) and his relatives found the child(Jiban Kohar) playing with friends in the village and they lured him away by giving him a pack of biscuits and promising him 50 rupees.

After that the boy was taken to a template where they performed a religious ritual. Then three people held the boy down and another one slit his throat.
Police told that there are eleven people in total including the holy man, arrested for their involvement and five has confessed about the part of murder.

Watch Video for More Details...

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