Now Google helps you to find the right phone for you

New Google online tool makes it easier to find the right phone for you

Are you going to buy a Android Smartphone and worried which is the best and which will suit for you. There are many phone with many feature and different mobile are develop for different propose so you may have chosen wrong phone for your work due to which you have been suffer from different problem but Now it’s easier to buy smartphone because Google have brought a tool to find the right phone for you. The Mountain View giant has lunch a new website that will help you to find the right Android phone which will suggests you a list of device with feature that help you to choose the phone that you need. But for short time this website is only suggest in the US only.

To get the phone that you need you have to do following things;

As you see something like “what you use your phone for” options include music, gaming, productivity, and several others.

First tell that for what you will use the phone just like for taking photo, call, expressing your style web browsing for using the apps for plying game etc then It will ask you two sub question and then take you to the first screen then it will ask you to specify carrier to your phone (but you can skip this option) then choose price category, and even size category then it will show you the machine based on how have answered the question asked by Google.

If you are tired of searching the mobile phone for you in web side throughout the day then now don’t worry the Google’s Android website Will be very useful to you in this work.

The best thing is that it will show the all the phone from low cost to high and from old to latest in combined form .

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