Meet New Microsoft Edge

Meet Microsoft Edge
Now you can enjoy the newest way to surf the web. Windows 10 have brought many new feature among them Microsoft Edge is one which is build to provide you better web experience ,easy sharing, reading, researching and getting things. To use this just check out Microsoft Edge tile on the Start menu , taskbar or just search “ project Spartan” in the search box.

Search faster in the address bar
You donot have to open the web page for searching any things .Now you can use handy address bar to search. Enter the subject that you want to search in handly address bar and you will get result from web page, your browser history and favorite, suggestion on the spot which helps you to save your time

Write on the web
Have you ever want to take notes in web page and get sad due to your unsuccessful. Now don’t worry you will able to do so in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the new latest browser which will let you to take note, write and doodle not only this you can even highlight the words, sentence or the whole article directly one the page. Make a Web Note to start adding to the page you're on. Use the Pen to write with your touch screen or mouse, Highlight , or Type a note.

Read with fewer distractions
You can change the reading view style as you want Not only this much you will be able to change the front to suit your eye capacity. You can make your layout simple and clean by selecting in address bar for turning on reading view
Dynamic duo: Cortana and Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge have the feature of Cortana .Cotana, right in address bar will help you to do the things faster and easily. It is like an assistant to you Microsoft edge.

Get answers from Cortana
Now you don’t have to type to search your question’s answer. You just have to speak out for your search then Cortana will provide answer to your question. Highlight the word or phrase of interest, press and hold (or right-click) it, and then Ask Cortana —she’ll tell you all about it.

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