Laptop batteries are quickly discharged, then follow the easy 9 Tips

Laptop may be of any brand and operating system users always want to save the battery. However, there is an app to save battery. It's just a few little things and take care of settings occurs. Follow these things and users can back up its battery more during the journey.

Mac Book,  Windows users, use these 9 tips to save battery on laptop. This will help t increase your battery backup as well as it also helps to increase the life of the battery.

1. Change the light of display to dim (Low)
If you are using the laptop without the charger, then go to the display settings and reduce the brightness and contrast. Laptop display cause highest discharge of the battery in laptop. However, if there is charger, you can keep the display settings default.

2. Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off
Many laptop users keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options always on. So devices are constantly searching for those networks. Which impact on the battery. So to back up more battery keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off.

3. Switch off the screen saver
Battery discharged quickly because the due to the screen saver shows. Even if you stop working on the laptop screen saver is on. So you keep the screensaver off. For this you have to follow these options. Right click on the desktop> select personalize> click Screensaver> select none

4. Power settings
Laptop users should reduce the monitor turn off time from power setting . So when you stop working on the screen it will turn off. It will also help to save the battery. But there should be “never” in hard disk turn of option.

5. Keep external drives separate
Laptop users often use USB devices such as pen drives, external hard disks that are constantly attached. These devices are consistently under battery power. So whenever the work is completed external devices should be removed from laptops.

6. Add more RAM
When Laptop RAM (Random Access Memory) is less hard disk drive starts to use virtual memory. In this case hard disk consumes more power from the battery. The users should increase the RAM in your laptop. This will save the battery; and the laptop's speed will also increase.

7. Use DVD / CD drive in less
Users used to watch film or listen music on laptop from DVD / CD. It will discharge the battery most.
When there is DVD / CD, in DVD or CD Drive it will run nonstop which will consume the battery in high amount. The users should copy the data in DVD / CD. Additionally, DVD / CD drive should be kept blank.

8. Room temperature is the Best
the temperature of the room is the best for your laptop. Do not use warm or cold place. The temperature in the room at summer and winter days is better for laptops.

9. Keep unnecessary programs stop
When you run multiple programs at once on the laptop the battery is quickly discharged. So you just have to keep open only those applications which are working.

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