iPhone 7 will look like this

There is new news for Apple iPhone florists. Apple is going to bring the new iphone7 in the market in the near future which will be different than other Smartphone on the basis of the existing.

According to the report on iphone7 there will be no home bottom as previous once. As there will be no home bottom, the front panel of the Smartphone will be full screen. In the place of home bottom there will be the finger print sensor due to which the iphone will work in sophisticated and unusual type.

According to the DG Times iphone seven is using the new technology, the name of technology is touch and display driver TDDIE Single Chip Solution integration. This technology will be integrated with fingerprints sensors. Using this technology, the iPhone Seven will be so thin display by ultra slim and warm for the aid.

According to Apple app Insider the amazing phone will be in the market by 2017.The agency provide accurate information about the project of apple has told that there will be no home bottom in iphone7 and it has used the new technology for its better function.

If the phone came in the market as they have planned then it will be the first choice of the selfie lovers because through iphone seven we can take very sharp selfie. The expert says that the Apple IOS is going to expand the capacity of camera in upcoming phone .

We can record full HD video through the front camera with the flash light.IOS nice face time camera helps to capture 1080 pixels video. But in iphone six and six plus only capture 720 pixels through front cameras. Due to the development take place in camera capacity we can take the panorama selfie with iphone seven.

Iphone Seven will contain Force Touch technology that would make the phone use more intuitive. This technology is already used by Apple in macbook. According to this technique if you press a few seconds on the screen the phone will understands that you want to go to the phone menu. And the screen will display you the phone menu.
According to sources, the iPhone Seven will contain A Nine processor, 2 GB RAM as well as 12-megapixel back camera .According to sources, aluminum and Gold Glitter will be used as used in Apple Watch
Some other Expected Design

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