How to Start using Youtube's New design Player, before it launch

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website which was launched by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. It helps people to upload, view, and share videos, watch videos of songs, movie and many others. But only the register user can upload the video unregister user only can watch the video. We can get entertainment form this not only this we can get many knowledge from. Student can learn easily through this. It helps to share connect inform other across the globe.

Recently news has come that YouTube is making a new and different player for it. But none of the setting has been change but one setting has been added that is you can watch video Experience ultra-high-definition (4k). It is going to change because some reasonable hack has been discovered. Which force them to replace their old player with new player UI by using editor for some change to the cookies in your browser cache.
But we know that many people had none of interest to edit their cookies for new player UI so YouTube has made an easy way for all to check out the new player UI before it release to the general public.
Process to check new player
You can check how does the new players look through the website and scroll down the page you will see “Get the player” in blue box click there. Now open and enjoy it.

What’s new in this new player?
After launching new player user will be able to watch video in Experience ultra-high=definition which is also known as 4k video. In other words there are facilities of video stream up to 2160p.
To watch 4k video just do search in YouTube click Filter and click 4k.

The new YouTube player has created the new feature with new design which will does better jb than the older one.

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