Google is translating over 100 billion words every day

The Search Giant Google's “Be Together. Not the Same.” campaign really worked in very impressive way. Now It really bring people together no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Google has just released the most amazing report saying how much this application has changed the way of communication with each others. Search Giant Google has claimed over 100 Billions words are being translated every day through Google Translate Service. Google publish a video saying that the most popular words being translated are “how are you?”, “thank you” and “I love you”.

Google translate is helping us to talk with other people who doesn't know our language. Google Translate is most well-developed and full-feature translating free application in the world. It has many feature like picture translation handwritting Support, offline support, automatic voice translation etc. To be frank it is just like a live translator which works without paying.

The translation service comes with Word Lens integration, through this we can translation any text from one language to another language in real-time by pointing smart phone camera at the text.

The Google translation is Very useful when you are travelling abroad. If you don't know their language, you can open translation application on your smart phone and talk with them.

Hey guys, How may of you are using This translation service? Try this and feel fun.

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