7-year-old Bara rape victim dies

Puja Sah, 7 year old child was receiving her treatment at Kanti Children Hospital while the whole world was celebrating Women’s Day.

The baby was admitted since 22nd February due to brutal rape. Badri Narayan Sah, victim’s father said that the baby’s dead body can be taken to their home on Monday. On 21st February she was found at Cotton Factory’s (Motimarg, Kalaiya-6) garbage site in an unconscious state.

She was raped by a man and was left in such situation. Later on the man was arrested by the local police who admitted his crime but also added that the entire incident happened since he was drunk. The country has faced many rapes in 3 months.

The Police Headquarters said that out of 30 rape case, 10 are from Kathmandu Valley. Police also said that Eastern Development Region witness more of these cases after Kathmandu while Far Western being the least.

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