13 people infected with swine flu virus

People affected with swine flu are rising. On Wednesday National Public Health Laboratory confirmed that 13 people got the positive while testing. Among the 13, 9 of the case were from Kathmandu while 4 others from Pokhara and Chitwan 2 with each. However the health officials said that it is not a panic stage. The disease is epidemic if 10-15 daily cases are reported. Swine flu took many lives and the positive results of the test are rising in India which Nepalese citizens are taking as a threat. Suraj Mainali, +2 student said that his mother said him not to go outside unless it is necessary. He is wearing mask while going out.
Five of the people who got the positive in swine flu said that they travelled from India so the flu might have gotten from their visit. As the diseasesis spreading in the border with India the government has set health desk at transit point and also at TIA. Fever, headache, cough, vomiting/diarrhoea, sore throat – if any of the person is showing such symptoms do not wait take them

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