12.9 inch iPad for corporate customers

Rumor flew around the world about Apple working on 12.9 inch of iPad. The company revealed truth in the Apple Watch event and it was also said that it will be available after the fall. iPad sales were decreased for 4 quarters.

The record of Apple in the final quarter of 2014, the iPad sales reduced to 18% to 21.4 million. Apple now has only 23% of the market in tablet which is low from 29% a year before. The iPad larger is a genius which will attract the entire consumer apart from Apple’s loyal audience. Apple seems to be looking for the market for their iPad as it is $9 billion business still.

The larger iPad seems to attract more of business oriented customers. Employees out for visit in the field with thin, light and cheaper tablet will be better than the expensive and heavy laptops. The 9.7 inch iPad Air is not suitable for work.

The new larger version will provide the works with 60% of the work space than iPad Air. It will be suitable for web browsing, creating document and presentation. It is believed that the larger iPad will also have USB connection thus it will support devices like keyboard, external hard drive and mouse. The new larger iPad will be the product especially designed for business customers. In recent years, Apple has few products for their corporate customers.

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